It’s Time to Manage Your Subscription Overload


6/22/20233 min read

Subscription overload has become a real problem in our modern world. We are bombarded with countless subscription services on a daily basis, from music and video streaming to meal kit deliveries and beauty boxes. It’s amazing how quickly a few subscriptions can add up. $16 for Netflix here, $10 for Spotify there, $10 more for that new platform everyone’s talking about and before you know it you’ve racked up $100 or more in monthly costs.

If that portion of your budget has gone a little out of control, it may be time to take a look at what subscriptions you actually use.

When I first sat down and worked out how much we were spending each month on subscriptions I was horrified to say the least!

Ask yourself which services you truly use and enjoy, and which ones can be canceled or replaced with a free alternative. It's easy to sign up for a service without fully considering the long-term cost. Before you know it, you're paying for multiple subscriptions every month, and the costs can quickly add up.

With this in mind, we've created a free download worksheet to help you get started. Simply fill in the details of each subscription, including the name, annual and weekly cost. Then, take some time to evaluate each one and decide whether it's worth keeping or not.

Remember, it's okay to unsubscribe from services that are no longer serving you. In fact, it's a healthy habit to regularly review and adjust your subscriptions as needed. By doing so, you can free up valuable time and resources, and ensure that you're only subscribing to services that truly add value to your life.